Season 1, Episode 14: Derek Champagne (#014)

Storytelling with CEO, Author, and Podcaster Derek Champagne

Derek Champagne is the CEO of The Artist Evolution, a company that helps businesses design and execute effective marketing strategies. In this episode, he shares his own entrepreneur journey and insights on crafting stories for your brand.

Derek currently lives in northwest Arkansas, also known as Walmart Country. It was not until 2008 when Walmart required vendors to have a physical office. By and by, the place grew with more businesses and firms set up.

"There are enough platforms out there that - if you have good content and you do some basic principles - will get your content heard." - Derek Champagne

Becoming a Storyteller - Derek Champagne

Derek has been a musician for most of his life. To him, stories came in the form of songs. Their music room at home serves as his favorite outlet with 15 guitars.

The love for music runs in their family. During his childhood, his parents would take them on the road performing music. His mom wrote more than 400 songs.

Later in life, he became a musician in Hollywood. That led him to build his own company called The Artist Evolution.

Making a Difference with Brand Stories

Through his company, Derek is able to help businesses shape their stories. He believes in the importance of understanding a story from a personal level.

"Branding is really simple. It is what your target market knows about you ... And, it's very important to be intentional in how you shape it." - Derek Champagne

People remember a business by their brand, the impression that they have on them. And to him, there isn't a better way of storytelling than passing it from one generation to the next.

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