Season 1, Episode 9: Danielle Rhodes (#009)

Storytelling with Writer, Content Marketer Danielle Rhodes

From LEGO to Impulse Creative, Danielle Rhodes has helped others tell their stories through content marketing. This creative soul generously shares insights and experience to help others hone their storytelling craft.

"People will listen if you're true and authentic and [if] you have something nice to say." - Danielle Rhodes on standing out of the noise

Early Beginnings as a Writer

Danielle started writing at a very early age. She was still in kindergarten when her story was published on a school paper.

"There's nothing more intimidating than a blank page ... You just start, whether you have anything or not." - Danielle Rhodes

In middle school, she won in a writing contest where she wrote about the woman who helped her stepfather find his biological parents. She went on to become a newspaper reporter and kept the ball rolling in her career.

Power with Words

To her, writing empowers her to think about what she really wants to say. It gives her the ability to paint a picture with words, and she enjoys the freedom when writing on her own. There are, however, some challenges when writing for clients or for somebody else.  

Storytelling for Clients

For more than 10 years, Danielle has done visual storytelling for a variety of clients. She served as the Art Director of Editorial at LEGO.

"To be able to take what [the clients] want to say so desperately ... and put it out to the world, it's really cool and appreciated so much." - Danielle Rhodes

It was a dream come true to her. Her job included creating the initial story and writing scripts for different projects.     

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